Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is definitely going to be a different one this year with at home date nights and no romantic getaways. If you have someone you want to have a special day with but you’re struggling to think of ideas for it to seem different to every other day, I have some presents that’ll hopefully inspire you.

Personalised Gifts

Custom Prints – These are a lovely gift not just for your partner but for friends and family too, throughout Etsy there are lots of talented creators with a range of designs.

Necklace little smith letter bar – These are a personal favourite of mine, they’re really customisable and make a lovely keepsake.

Star Map Builder – I received one of these from Aaron for our anniversary last year and I love it. It was such a thoughtful gift that I really treasure.

Personalised sound wave print – I actually got this for Aaron last year, I think it’s a fab gift for anyone you have a special song with.

Beauty Gifts

Lush Valentines Day range – Lush, as always, have great seasonal gifts and this Valentine’s Day is no different. Some favourites of mine are the Heart Beat bath bomb and the Love Locket Bath Bomb.

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lip stick – This is a great gift for make up lovers, you can’t go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury.

Shaving kit – This little set is great for when we can finally go travelling again.

OPV make up pallet – This pallet, I want it myself after seeing it. The colours are amazing lots of orange tones which will be great for summer.

Gel nail kit – Last year I invested in a gel nail kit and it was one of the best decisions I have made. It’s nice to have some time to pamper yourself while also saving money, win-win.

Facial Roller – Facial rollers are a great way to enhance your skincare routine, they help increase blood flow and make your face appear less puffy, they’re also quite relaxing.

Hair Masque – Through lockdown I have really enjoyed taking time to myself and one easy form of self care is doing a hair mask, these Shea Moisture ones have amazing reviews.

Mens face care bundle – I’ve been gently trying to nudge Aaron into taking an interest in his skin care for a while (I haven’t got anywhere as of yet), but I think a set like this is great for beginners.

Make Up brush cleaner – This is something that has been on my list of things I need to buy for a while. Make Up brush cleaning is always something I push to the side as they take some long to dry. This claims to clean and dry your brush in 30 seconds which is a game changer.

Other Ideas –

Heart shaped tea bags – a little something for tea lovers, I thought these were a really cute idea.

The Adventure Challenge book – This is a lovely gift if you want something to do with your partner both in lockdown and once we can go out again. It gives you surprise dates and next to each one has a space for you to put a picture of the two of you on the date.

An Oodie – I live in my oodie it’s so cosy AND they currently have a valentines deal on where you can save £59 when buying two, a reason to treat yourself too.

Bloom and Wild letter box flowers – You can’t go wrong with flowers especially this year these are perfect for anyone not able to see their partner on Valentines Day.

Jelly Cat Plush – They don’t have anything Valentine’s specific but they do have some little flowers which could be a nice alternative to real flowers.

Tommy Hilfiger wallet – A wallet is always a safe bet, it’s a nice gift to get someone. You could even get it personalised for a little extra.

I hope you found some gift inspiration from these ideas I had. Let me know what you’re getting your partner or friends from Valentine’s Day down below!

Eve x

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Some fab ideas here! We don’t really do presents but might have to put some big hints in for an oodie!x

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