University Homewear Haul

Next week I’m moving back to Newcastle to start my second year of University. As all lectures are going to be online this year and mainly done from the comfort of my own room I wanted to make sure that it feels as comfortable as possible. It needs to be a good working environment but also a space where I can switch off at the end of the day. Which also gave me an excuse to do some online shopping!


Now obviously this depends on your landlord but candles really are great for helping me switch off at the end of the day and try and pretend I’m in a spa or somewhere relaxing.

I’ve bought two new ones for this year, the first I picked up at H&M – this smells amazing, and it’s huge. It’s so good that I might go back and get another, especially as it’s only £12.99!

H&M Candle

The second candle I bought from an etsy store and I love it. I’m really trying to make an active effort at the moment to support small businesses and it’s easy when they sell such cute pieces like this! I got the Venus Bust Candle in the scent Rose, it’s so pretty I don’t want to light it!

Sonder Candles Etsy Shop


For this candle I also needed something to put it on which I also got from Etsy!

Candle/ Jewellery Plate


Now anyone who knows me will know that this was a slightly unnecessary purchase as I already have lots of scatter cushions but they can change up a room so easily and for a low price if you shop around. I decided to go for some yellow ones this year!

I got my cushion covers from H&M for £6.99 each, the inner cushions were also £6.99 each.

Yellow Velvet Cushion Cover

Inner Cushion


Again this depends on your landlord but a well used way to dress up your room is with fairy lights, mine are curtain ones! I actually bought these last year and they’re amazing.  I’ve have lots of people ask me where they are from when they have used my toilet at pres! They’re great for when I work on an evening for giving some soft light.

I got these from Amazon for £22.99 and they made my room feel so cozy.

Curtain Fairy Lights



I am also trying to limit the mess in my room so that it’s not distracting while I’m working. I was getting fed up tripping over the wire of my hair drier, curler and straighteners so decided to go on a hunt to find some storage for them. I came across this on amazon and it has been a game changer and was only £14.23!

They come in a range of colours  too but I went with the rose gold one.

Styling Accessories Holder


For the past two years art has been something that I’ve really lacked in my room so I decided to go on a hunt to find some. Luckily I have some really talented friends, which is where I got the print below from – Check out her instagram @georgepaints_


Shopping for my new home stuff has made me excited to get back to Uni now. It’ll be an odd year to say the least with all the working from home but don’t worry a post will be coming about that soon!  Let me know if you’re at uni and what your essentials are to making your room relaxing but also feel like a productive work space?

Eve x

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